Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Memory

Virtually every day we are required to remember a name, a face, a number, or some other piece of information. For many people it is a struggle. It no longer needs to be so – here is a list of ten great tips to improving your memory.  All of the items on this list can be used on their own, or in conjunction with the others to help you improve your memory. The more you practice these tips, the better you will become. 1.  Patterns - An excellent way to remember a large number or phrase, is to look for patterns. Here is a simple example: 3810151722242931363843 The number appears to be random until you realize that it is following a pattern: add 5, then add 2, repeat. Once you know the pattern, you only need to rememb...

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5 Easy Football Party Hosting Tips

There is nothing like throwing a relaxed, fun party around a football sporting event. Below are a few ideas for game day entertaining.  Even if you’re not a big fan of sports, game day parties are always a favorite because they are such fun and casual events. In addition, you have built in entertainment that keeps everyone preoccupied while enjoying a few of their favorite foods. Here are 5 easy tips to throw a football party like a pro! 1.  Keep decorations simple for your game day party. A grass green tablecloth for your table and a simple pennant banner can be created with your team’s favorite colors.  Add some fun football trophies to d...

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