16 Fun Facts About This Year's Summer Olympics

1 - Rio 2016 will be the first time in Olympic history that a South American country has hosted the Games. The city won its bid in 2009, beating out Chicago, Madrid and Tokyo. 2 - The torch relay will begin on April 21 in the Games' birthplace — Olympia in Greece — before traveling across Brazil for more than 90 days and finishing in Rio on August 5. While in Greece, it will pass through the Eloenas refugee camp, near Athens, where one resident will be selected as a torch bearer. 3 - The opening and closing ceremonies will be held in Rio's Maracanã Stadium, which boasts the world record for the most fans ever to attend a soccer game. Although its current capacity is around 78,000, the stadium squeezed in at least 173,000 fans during th...

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