8 Things Remarkably Effective People Do Every Day

·  Visualize Your Success - Recognize your greatest goals and the successes that you want to achieve in work and life. See them, feel them, and imagine how wonderful it will be when you reach them. Visualize how you will get there, and make a plan to do so. Effective people know that you have to keep your goals top of mind in order to achieve them. ·  Focus On One Task At a Time - Don't pile on too many projects at once. Each morning jot down two or three things that you will focus on and don't let interruptions bog you down. It's easy to allow new problems to distract you from wrapping up old ones. Understand the difference between what's important versus (merely) urgent and prioritize accordingly. Set deadlines for you...

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Spring Cleaning Tips

It is never too early to begin spring cleaning.  Here is a list of great spring cleaning tips as we prepare for the weather to get warmer. ·  Dust shelves, blinds, vents, moldings, light fixtures — anything that collects dust and you usually ignore. ·  Wash the inside of your windows. ·  Clean window treatments (including your shower curtain). ·  Flip your mattress, which is something you should do every season. You'll get more use out of it and you'll sleep better. ·  Change your winter bedding to spring, even if it just means storing woolier blankets away. ·  Change your clothe...

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