Halloween Party Decorating Tips

The only thing that shouldn’t be scary about your Halloween party is decorating. Here are a couple of tips to help you decorate your apartment just in time for your Halloween party:

Choose Tasteful Décor

  • Find a clear vase that’s 12-18 inches tall, and fill it with candy corn to make a festive display.
  • Put Halloween-inspired floating votive candles in a large bowl full of water to make a striking centerpiece. Stores like Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel carry these items around Halloween.

Capitalize on the Season

  • Fill a tray or platter with gourd for a colorful statement, and be sure to keep it out for the Thanksgiving season.
  • A trio of pumpkins spread out on a mantle or coffee table is an affordable decorative touch. Remember to always choose an odd number because it will balance out the display.
  • Wrap the inside of any clear vase with leaves from outside, and then fill the vase with flowers or leaves for a Fall look.

Have Fun

  • Go on-line and print out pictures of your favorite thrillers and horror flicks. Display these photos throughout your house to get your guests talking.
  • Spray paint tree branches black and orange to get into the spirit!
  • Create ambiance with cotton cobwebs throughout your apartment.
  • Put together your favorite mix of scary songs. Check out Apple’s I-tunes for mix ideas and don’t forget to add Michael Jackson’s classic Thriller to the list.
  • Other items to help set the mood: dry ice, dark curtains/fabric, Halloween party props.

Follow these tips to create a fun, yet spooky, atmosphere for an unforgettable Halloween party!