Great Tips to Improving your Fuel Economy

These days it's always good to try and save money wherever you can, especially at the gas pump. Get Rich Slowly has published a list of 23 tips to saving money on fuel, but that's a lot to read, so we've reviewed the list and picked out our 10 favorites:

1. Keep your vehicle well maintained:  this tip should be obvious, but it's also very important. Changing air filters and replacing spark plugs in poor condition can reduce gas mileage 10-20% according to Advance Auto Parts.

2. Keep tires properly inflated:  if you're noticing a recent drop in your MPG it's very likely that your tire pressure is low. It's also dangerous to drive when your tires aren't properly inflated, so check them frequently.

3. Optimize your travel:  consolidate your trips. If you have multiple errands to run it's best to do them all in one trip.

4. Buy gas on Wednesdays:  it isn't true every week, but gas is statistically cheaper on Wednesdays (WikiHow)

5. Buy gas during the coolest times of the day:  gas pumps measure volumes of gasoline and in lower temperatures gas is densest (HowToAdvice)

6. Buy gas from a wholesale club:  Retail giants like Costco and Sam's Club offer members up to ten cents off per gallon of gas purchased from them.

7. Lighten your load:  only carry the bare essentials in your vehicle. The heavier your car is the more fuel it uses.

8. Use cruise control:  it can keep you driving at a steady, moderate pace, which saves on gas.

9. Don’t go out of your way to save a few pennies on gas:  it's not worth driving out of your way to save money on gas. The extra time spent on the road will likely take away from the money you're trying to save.

10. Drive less:  There are many alternatives to driving like walking or riding a bike. Only drive if you don't have a choice.

Source: Get Rich Slowly