Refresh Your Apartment for Spring


Now that Spring is here, it’s the perfect time to refresh and liven up your apartment. Springtime can encourage a cleaner, brighter, fresher perspective on your space, and it's a great time of year to evaluate how you live and consider ways to update and freshen your home. Here are a few apartment interior design tips to get your living space ready for Spring:

  • Reduce Clutter. Don't discard your collectibles, but reduce clutter by editing the group and displaying the best of the bunch as a tightly-edited group, rather than having pieces displayed throughout the house. Clean up any piles of newspapers, magazines, books, old mail, items pinned to the fridge door, etc. Take time to consider if you really need to keep each item, you likely won't miss them when gone. (Try hiding them in piles under the bed) Store away the saved magazines and prized books in bookcases, magazine racks, storage stools, etc., and place the keepsakes from the fridge in photo albums. Electronic clutter can be the worst clutter offense. Cords tangled up on the floor can be a place where dust and debris gather and can make a home appear messy and unkept.
  • Update Fabrics. Replacing fabric items with new, clean and brighter options can have a big impact. Consider replacing towels, sheets, the dog bed and comforter covers (things that show wear and tear, fading, staining, etc.) for an easy home makeover.
  • Change Furniture Placement. For no cost and just the effort of some lifting and pushing, a dramatic change to an interior can materialize with just a bit of rearranging. Is there a room or seating arrangement that seems to be neglected and rarely utilized? Spring cleaning time is the best for trying out new arrangements.
  • Remove/Replace One Piece of Furniture. Along the same lines as the previous tip, most of us have just too much clutter and need to remove at least one item. As years go by, things compile and we love to hang on to it all — for sentimental reasons, potential value, the plan to give it to a relative in the future, etc. Replacing just one piece of furniture will give your room a boost and may inspire you to keep making small and rewarding changes.
  • Add a "Pop." It's time to add a pop of one, or a complementary palette, of Spring colors. Choose a color or texture that you love and sprinkle it throughout the room, or ideally the entire home, to add a consistent and unifying theme.
  • Tidy Up the Kitchen. Hiding countertop appliances, such as the coffee maker, toaster oven, microwave and electric can opener can make a huge difference.
  • Bring the Outside In.  Whether you prefer hanging vases, arranged flowers, or planted varieties, Spring flowers or plants will add fragrance, color and always elicit smiles.